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Nairobi Chess Club hosts “Aslam Adam Blitz Challenge”


What does a chess club do when a major supporter of the club comes visiting?  Well it is simple.  Host a Blitz tournament!

That is what exactly Nairobi Chess Club did when long time supporter Aslam Adam was in Nairobi visiting from London last week.

The above photo shows Nairobi Chess Club winning team in a 1980 team event. Standing left to right is Joseph Kaamu, Richard Polaczek (currently an International Master and has plays for Belgium), Nazir Lome (played in the 1976 Olympiad), Managing Director of Robbialac Paints (sponsor), Aslam Adam (resides in London, UK), Saif Kanani (Silver medal in the 1980 Chess Olympiad played in Malta), AWL Turner and person in the wheelchair is Hofelick who worked with the German Embassy.

The impromptu tournament attracted 14 players who were competing for a top prize of a KES 3,000 Nakumatt gift voucher.

Welcome reception from Nairobi Chess Club for Aslam Adam. From left Peter Gilruth (Vice Chairman), Kiri Gilruth, Aslam Adam, Willy Simons (Committee Member), Kim Bhari (Chairman) and Mushfig Habilov (Director of Play)

Action on the board was intense but what was more memorable was catching up with Aslam Adam during the afternoon.

Aslam Adam in action.

Aslam Adam has represented Kenya in four Olympiads before he emigrated to England in the early 1980’s.  He has played in the following Olympiads – Tripoli (1976), Malta (1980), Lucerne (1982) and Dubai (1986).

A tense game between Kiri Gilruth (left) and Aslam Adam.

Aslam Adam has over the years supported the club by sponsoring events and donating chess equipment.

Final standing after 8 rounds.

Peter Gilruth scooped the top prize with a clean 8/8 to go home with the KES 3,000 Nakumatt gift voucher.

Happy participants pose at the end of the event.