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Chess at the German School Open Day


The German School (also known as Michael-Grzimek SchuleGerman School Nairobi) in Nairobi, Kenya was a beehive of activity today 4th March 2017 from 10am to 2pm.

Posters for the Open Day.
Poster for the Open Day.

The well attended Open Day attracted hundreds of visitors who thronged the various stands and watched shows put up by the children of the school.  Some of the items included music, dance and Kiswahili songs etc.

Capoeira display. Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music

An interesting and innovative idea from the school is the “Seiteneinsteiger” program where  non German speaking children (grade 1 to 4) are integrated into the school system leading to the German International Arbitur Exam which is slightly higher in stature to the “A” Levels or IB Exam.  Students can then study at all universities (including Nairobi University) without any further tests or preparations.

Another big advantage is the fact that the students can also enroll in a German university which are free of charge.  One only has to pay living costs.

The one stand that attracted a constant stream of visitors was the “Schachspiel” tent which saw teachers, students, parents and guests try out their chess skills against their opponents.

The chess club was set up in September 2016 and is coached by veteran chess player Peter Gilruth.  Peter Gilruth is currently Kenya’s highest rated player at Elo 2186 and has represented Kenya in a number of Chess Olympiads both as a player and coach.

Chess players cannot resist the allure of a chess board! Peter Gilruth with black shirt with white stripes plays a friendly game against Mushfig Habilov.
Another photo of the chess tent.

The German School hosted a major chess tournament on 15th November 2014.  You can find the story here – German School Chess Tournament.

Some of the artwork on display.
Another piece of art.
Another piece of art.

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