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Cartoon on the postponed 7th Capablanca Cup


I have been organising chess events for over 20 years and lesson number has always been – “Plan the event well in advance“.

I threw out that important piece of advice when I decided on 10th April 2017 that I would organise the 7th edition of the Capablanca Cup to run from 15th to 17th April 2017.  A crazy 5 day notice period!!   You can see the following story that I did for the event on 7th Capablanca Cup

On the day of the registration deadline I had 6 entries and a few queries only.  My gut feeling told me that I was going to end up with a tournament with no more than 24 players.

In the end I had to eat humble pie and do the unthinkable! Postpone the event to another day.

I guess a cartoon illustrates the point in the best possible way!

Cartoon on postponed 7th Capablanca Cup.