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Chess lights up “The Village Market Game Night”


Chess activity continues to blossom in Kenya.

This was evident last week when The Village Market held an event dubbed “VM Game Night” where a number of board games including chess featured.  Paras Gudka of Motochess Ventures was on hand to organise the chess side of things.

Poster of the event.

Kenya’s top ranked player Mehul Gohil came up with the idea of a simultaneous exhibition match where he would take on 10 players.  This certainly proved to be the most popular event of the well attended evening.

Mehul Gohil (standing with cap) ponders his next move. Photo credit Paras Gudka.

This is what Mehul Gohil had to say about the event;

And that wraps up one of the best evenings I have experienced in Kenyan chess. Chess totally stole the show at the inaugural Village Market Game Night. It attracted a big crowd of onlookers. Some people even filming me prowling from board to board, unable to believe such a thing is possible. It is clear simuls in public hot-spots can generate big publicity for the game. Cameras galore went off. Great way to catch the eye of parents. Village Market management is more than impressed and I think they are not gonna let this be the last chess bonanza. Paras Gudka can confirm.

I am dog tired. Now experiencing the ‘Kidula effect’. The initial 10 games I had to play ballooned to 18 due to ‘public demand’. My final score was 14 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses. 

Paras has pulled off a coup here. Double exclamation mark move with this stunt. Great publicity for the game

Players get ready to take on Mehul Gohil. Photo credit Paras Gudka.

It is expected that chess evenings will soon become a regular feature at The Village Market.

Let us play Checkers at The Village Market! Photo by Allan Victor of Arongoey Photography.

In the late 1990’s The Village Market was host to a number of well attended chess tournaments.

Let’s play Scrabble at The Village Market. Photo credit Allan Victor of Arongoey Photography.
This game is called “Jenga” which means “build” in Kiswahili. Photo credit Allan Victor of Arongoey Photography.