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IM Emojong wins the 2017 Mombasa Open Chess Tournament


IM Emojong wins the 2017 Mombasa Open Chess Tournament

IM Elijah Emojong of Uganda proved that he is the undisputed “King of East African Chess” when he cruised to a comfortable 6.5/7 in the 2017 Mombasa Open Chess Tournament that came to an end yesterday.

The Prestige Section of this event was a tough seven-round event with nine participants. The average rating of this Prestige Section was a whopping 2030, making it one of East Africa’s strongest events in recent history.

IM Elijah Emojong of Uganda receives his prize from former 4 times World Chess Champion Vishwanathan Anand at the closing ceremony.

IM Elijah Emojong, a true chess master, claimed the first prize of KES 100,000 (approximately USD 1,000), the largest top prize ever seen in this region.

In second place was fast-rising FM Haruna Nsubuga of Uganda, who scored 6/7 points and went home with KES 50,000 (USD 500).  FM Harold Wanyama, also of Uganda, was third scored 5.5 points and won KES 25,000 (USD 250).

IM Elijah Emojong v FM Harold Wanyama

Final ranking of the Prestige Section in the 2017 Mombasa International Chess Open.

Open Section

In the Open Section of the tournament, there were a total of 43 players. The winner of the section was Fred Okiring from Uganda, who scored 6.5 out of 7 points, and received a cash prize of KES 50,000 (USD 500). 

Geoffrey Mulaga from Eastlands Chess Club secured the second position with 6 out of 7 points, and was awarded KES 25,000 (USD 250).  James Panchol, who was the favorite before the tournament, ended up taking the third position with 5.5 out of 7 points, earning a cash prize of KES 12,500 (USD 125).

2017 Mombasa Open Chess
Happy winners from left Tom Amwai holding trophy for Best U1600, Alvin Mbithi with medal for best on 2nd Board U16 Team Championship and James Panchol 3rd place in Open section.

Winners in the other sections 

Ladies – Joyce Nyaraui with 5.5/7

U18 – Gideon Mtango with 6/7

U16 – Titus Kennedy Musembi with 7/7

U14 – Noor Mohamed Harunany with 7/7

U12 – Arul Samesh with 6/7

U10 – Reeyan Gosrani with 6.5/7

U8 – Drish Rakesh Shah with 6.5/7

2017 Mombasa Open Chess
Happy winner Viraj Shah gets his prize from former World Chess Champion GM Viswanathan Anand of India at the closing ceremony.

Adding glitz and glamour to this event was the presence of 4 times former World Chess Champion GM Vishwanathan Anand and world renown chess photographer David Llada.

2017 Mombasa Open Chess
The master at work. World renown chess photographer David Llada busy at work while his daughter Nahui and Yvonne Mwashe looks on. Photo credit Paras Gudka.


Some great photos by David Llada from this event can be found on David Llada’s photos of Mombasa Open.

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