Home Chess News Bryan Toboso wins 2017 Makadara Open Chess Tournament.

Bryan Toboso wins 2017 Makadara Open Chess Tournament.


Veteran player Bryan Toboso kept his cool in the final and 6th round when he defeated hot favorite Mehul Gohil in the just concluded 2017 Makadara Open that was played over the long Labour Day weekend at Shepherd Junior School in Buru Buru.

Mohamed Abdi Miskin (left) takes on Bryan Toboso in their 5th round encounter.

The game that ended Mehul Gohil’s dream of winning this event is given below.


120 players registered to play in this 3 day event that was sponsored by Honorable Benson Mutura who is the MP for Makadara constituency.   See first story on this website –Makadara Open.

Mehul Gohil (left) takes on Collins Young.

Top contender from Uganda IM Elijah Emojong who is rated 2364 ended up with 5/6 to end up in joint 2nd place but 4th in ranking.  FM Harold Wanyama who is rated 2250 also of Uganda ended up wtih 4.5/6 to end up in joint 3rd but 7th in ranking.

Joseph Methu was the hero of the event when he defeated IM Elijah Emojong in this exciting encounter!


The event was run in different sections Open, U17, U13, U11 and U9.

The winner Bryan Toboso went home with KES 25,000 (USD 250) out of the total prize fund of KES 82,500 (USD 825).