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Cartoon on David Llada’s visit to Kenya


Kenyan chess was put on the world stage recently when renown chess photographer David Llada was in Mombasa for the Zone 4.2 U16 Team Championship and the 2017 Mombasa International Open.

A lioness from Nairobi Orphanage eyes David Llada and his daughter Nahui.

If you are a chess player and wondering who is David Llada then deduct 25 Elo points from your rating!

You can find out more on David Llada by visiting his website – David Llada.

A number of his amazing chess photos from his Kenya trip can be found here.  David Llada’s photos of Mombasa Open & Zone 4.2 U16 Team Championship.

David who was travelling with his daughter Nahui managed to visit Tsavo National Park and this was the cartoon that came to my mind!

You can find out more on the Man Eaters of Tsavo on Wikipedia – Tsavo Man Eaters.