Home Chess News Exclusive interview with the “bad boy of Kenyan chess “Mehul Gohil!

Exclusive interview with the “bad boy of Kenyan chess “Mehul Gohil!

The highly anticipated Mehul Gohil aka “Gorilla” versus Bryan Toboso “Tobasco” match takes place this weekend at Bobo’s Restaurant in South C.
We bring you an exclusive interview with the “bad boy of Kenyan chess” the brash and cocky Mehul Gohil.
Tell us about your chess achievements.
I have won all the major national championship titles: U14, U18, U21, National Blitz, National Rapids and the National Championship title itself.  I have won several local tournaments. I have also represented the national team at the All Africa Games 2011 (where I was the best performer on the team) and the 2012 Istanbul Olympiad.

Mehul Gohil poses with the legendary GM Invanchuk of Ukraine at the 2012 Olympiad.

Why do you think you will win the match?

I will win the match because I am more experienced, have more knowledge and skill and am basically superior to my opponent in every chess aspect. It is a mismatch and I will prove this.

Mehul Gohil with the charming IM Tania Sachdev of India.

How are you preparing for your opponent? What do you think are his strengths and weaknesses?

I have collected some of his recent games. I have been analysing them thoroughly, seeing what he likes stylistically, his opening preferences and so on. My opponents strength’s are his nothing-to-lose attitude (as he is the clear underdog) and his deceptive, passive style of play, where he does nothing much but waits for a mistake and then pounces. His weaknesses include narrow-minded approach to judging a position and his propensity to create positional weaknesses. I will not go into much detail as my findings based on analysis of his game remain top secret for now and will only be revealed on match weekend.

Do you have a special message for your opponent?

There is nothing so special about my opponent’s chess, even in the Kenyan context, so I have no special message for him.

Mehul Gohil with WIN Mezioud Amina from Algeria.