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The legendary chess coach RB Ramesh


Two aspiring Kenyan chess players 12 year old Celina and her 8 year old sister Suhana Patel were lucky to meet up with the famous chess coach RB Ramesh during their visit to India in March 2017.

The famous RB Ramesh with Celina Patel and Suhana Patel.

RB Ramesh who was the 2002 British Champion is a well know chess coach in India and you can read more about him in this fantastic 3 part series done by Sagar Shah of Chessbase India.

RB Ramesh Part 1

RB Ramesh Part 2

RB Ramesh Part 3

RB Ramesh conducts his class at the I Chess Academy in Mumbai, India.

RB Ramesh was also the coach to Team India during the 2012 and 2014 Chess Olympiad.

RB Ramehs poses in front of his chess academy called “Chess Gurukul”. Photo credit Chessbase India.

You can find out more on Chess Gurukul.