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2017 African Chess Club Championship


The 2017 African Chess Club Championship came to an end today at the Mondial Hall, Giza, Egypt with Al Hawar Chess Club winning the event. Eastern Company (A) and  Eastern Company (B) took second and third place respectively.

The playing hall. Photo credit Njagi Kabugu.

Equity Bank Chess Club and KCB Chess Club ended up in 5th and 6th place respectively in their maiden appearance at a continental event.

Tough encounter IM Arthur Ssegwanyi of Equity Chess Club (left) in action. Photo credit Njagi Kabugu.

The event which commenced on 23rd July attracted a total of 9 teams from Kenya, Libya and Egypt.

Equity Bank Chess Club defeated KCB Chess Club 3.5 – 0.5 in their direct encounter.

Clash of giants GM Amin Bassem of Eastern Company (A) takes on GM Hesham Abdelrahman of Alhawar Chess Club

The big news was Jackson Kamau’s (1899) fine win over IM Wageih Kareim of Egypt who is rated 2391.  I have included the beautiful game below where Jackson misses a mate on move 35.  He plays Ne7 instead of Rc1 mate, but he remained remarkably calm to still win the game.  A fine performance indeed!

Game IM Wageih Kareim v Jackson Kamau

Making Kenya proud – Jackson Kamau of KCB Bank in action. Photo credit Njagi Kabugu.

Kenyan teams did not go home empty handed but collected 3 medals on the individual boards.

Silver on Board 4 Jackson Kamau (KCB).

Bronze on Board 1 IM Arthur Ssegwanyi (Equity Bank).

Bronze on Board 2 IM Elijah Emojong (Equity Bank).

On the rest day. Photo credit Njagi Kabugu.

This strong event had 3 Grandmasters and 12 International Masters plus a number of other titled players.  Top players included GM Amin Bassem 2672, GM Adly Ahmed 2620 and GM Hesham Abdelrahman 2385 all of Egypt.

Final standing.
The two teams flying the Kenyan flags. Standing from left to right IM Elijah Emojong, Moses Andiwoh, FM Steve Ouma, Benard Wanjala, Ken Omolo (all Equity Chess Club), CM Wachira Wachania, Philip Singe, Martin Gichia, Jackson Ndegwa (all KCB Chess Club). Sitting from left to right IM Arthur Ssegwanyi, Victor Hongo, John Mukabi, Njagi Kabugu (all Equity) and Joseph Methu (KCB Chess Club).
Logos of the organisers and sponsors.