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The Inaugural Black Knights FIDE Rated Blitz Championship


We present a report done by Anthony Kionga who is the Chairman of Black Knights Chess Club.

On the beautiful Sunday afternoon of 23rd July 2017, Black Knights Chess Club held it’s first ever FIDE Rated Blitz Tournament at their training venue, Garden City Mall which is located off Thika Road.

The tournament which commenced at 4.30 pm attracted 11 players from different chess club in Nairobi among them being Strathmore University, Kenyatta University and Anchor Chess Club.

Some of the action photos.

The format of the Blitz tournament was a Single Round Robin and the time control was 3 minutes with an increment of 2 seconds per move.

The first half of the tournament entailed a heated session of 5 rounds after which the players took a 10 minute break.  Thereafter, there was series of highly contested games that would determine the winner of the tournament.

Anthony Kionga, Black Knights Chess Club captain, emerged as the victor after finishing the Blitz Tournament unbeaten with 9.5/10 points.

Photos from the event.

Titus Kirega, an avid chess player of Black Knights Chess Club, was the 1st Runners-up after also finishing the Tournament unbeaten with 9/10 points.

Mawell Juma, captain of Kenyatta University Chess Club, was the 2nd Runners-up finishing the tournament with 7/10 points.

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