Home Chess News GM Bassem Amin wins 2017 Abu Dhabi Masters in fine style

GM Bassem Amin wins 2017 Abu Dhabi Masters in fine style


GM Amin Bassem of Egypt continues to make waves in the world of chess.

He has won two impressive titles over the past 6 weeks which includes the 2017 African Individuals Chess Championship held in Algeria (GM Amin Bassem is 2017 African Chess King) and the 2017 Lake Sevan International Chess Tournament in Armenia (GM Amin Bassem wins 2017 Lake Sevan)

GM Amin Bassem has now won his 3rd event in a row.  This was the strong 24th International Chess Festival in Abu Dhabi that was held from 14th to 22nd August in the capital of the United Arab Emirates.  He scored 7.5/9 to become clear first while, second place went to GM Nigel Short who scored 7.0/9 and was half a point ahead of seven players with 6.5/9. Over 500 players took part in the festival.

The crunch round was the final one when GM Amin Bassem faced the formidable GM Nigel Short which ended in draw.

GM Nigel Short of England takes on GM Amin Bassem in their final round 9 encounter. Photo by Photo by Kirelos Fahmy – Instagram – kirofahmy123.

Proud winner GM Amin Bassem poses with his trophy. Photo credit Kirelos Fahmy – Instagram – kirofahmy123.

GM Bassem Amin went home with a prize of USD 13,000.