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Moses Andiwoh wins 59th Nairobi Chess Club Championship


Moses Andiwoh wins 59th Nairobi Chess Club Championship

Moses Andiwoh put on a fine display of strong chess when he won the 59th Nairobi Chess Club Championship last weekend at the German School, in Nairobi.

59th Nairobi Chess Club Champion – Moses Andiwoh in action.

The Open Section, which saw 16 players slug it out, ended with Moses Andiwoh at the top with 3.5 points out of 4. On the way, he defeated Clay CrosbySumit Deshpandeand FM Haruna Nsubuga and drew with Joseph Methu to go home with the first prize of KES 20,000 (USD 200) and a glittering trophy.

The event’s key game was the following, where Moses Andiwoh demolished top-ranked FM Haruna Nsubuga of Uganda.

FM Haruna Nsubuga v Moses Andiwoh

Top ranked FM Haruna Nsubuga of Uganda.

Defending Champion Peter Gilruth stumbled on the way when Dr Victor Ng’ani defeated him in round 1.

Dr Victor Ng’ani v Peter Gilruth

Section of the playing hall.

Nightmare for Mehul Gohil

The event turned out to be a nightmare for Mehul Gohil on day 1 when he lost both his games and valuable Elo points to  Geoffrey Mulaga of Eastlands Chess Club and James Kabui of Checkmates Chess Club.

James Kabui v Mehul Gohil

Mushfig Habilov playing in the U1800 and not too happy with his position.
Dr Victor Ng’ani v FM Haruna Nsubuga

U1800 Section

The U1800 Section, with five rounds of 90 minutes each, attracted a total of 52 players, with Caxton Kalule of Uganda scooping the top prize of KES 7,500 plus a trophy with 4.5 points out of 5 points.

Winner of the U1800 Section Caxton Kalule of Uganda in action.
Happy winners pose with their trophy. From left Willy Simons 3rd place in U1800, Caxton Kalule Winner U1800, Moses Andiwoh Winner Open, Harun Nsubuga Open 2nd place, Brian Kariuki 2nd place U1800, Dr Victor Ngani 3rd place Open & Arianne Ngani.

Past winners of the Nairobi Chess Club Championship

58th Nairobi Chess Club Champion – Peter Gilruth

57th Nairobi Chess Club Champion – CM Ben Magana

56th Nairobi Chess Club Champion –  Lawrence Kagambi

55th Nairobi Chess Club Champion – Patrick Kawuma

54th Nairobi Chess Club Champion –  Peter Gilruth

53rd Nairobi Chess Club Champion –  CM Ben Magana

19th Nairobi Chess Club Champion – Saif Kanani

Open Section cross-table.
Extract of U1800 Section.

More photos can be found on Day 1 and Day 2.

Poster of the event.
More details on the event.


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