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GM Pontus Carlsson to provide training for Kenyan players


GM Pontus Carlsson to provide training for Kenyan players

Chess training in Kenya is set to move a notch higher with an innovative approach by Terrian Chess Academy (TCA).
Well known GM Pontus Carlsson of Sweden will partner with TCA to provide online training sessions via Webinars.
Poster for the training with GM Pontus Carlsson.
Poster for the training with GM Pontus Carlsson.

GM Pontus Carlsson was in Nairobi recently during the Chess Masters for Africa Tour (#CMAT) which was organised by the Kasparov Chess Foundation Africa and sponsored by Paul Allen Foundation.  See story on GM Carlsson lands in Nairobi and Highlights of GM Carlsson’s trip

In groups of 10, the interested players registered with TCA will get a chance to benefit from a GM’s training at a discounted cost of US$ 50 per month per player for 4 Saturdays in a month and every session will be recorded so that the participants can watch afterwards in case they miss a session.


How do I make payment?

KES 5,100 via MPesa to TCA’s Paybill No 546458 and under account indicate your or participant’s name.

What are the dates?

Saturday 7 October 5:00 PM
Saturday 14 October 5:00 PM
Sunday 22 October 5:00 PM
Saturday 28 October 5:00 PM

What is on?

In 4 webinars per month GM Pontus Carlsson reveals Grandmaster secrets that he has picked up through more than 20 years on the international chess scene as player and coach.

How long are the webinars?

The webinars are 60 minutes and consist of the GM teaching an actual theme for 45-50 minutes plus 10-15 minutes where the participants can ask their own questions. All webinars will be interactive since the best ways to learn is by being engaged.

GM secrets that cannot be found in books will be revealed and the focus will be on answering the questions that club players would like to know in order to improve their game.

Examples of themes that will be covered are:

– How to get your chess training being effective
– How to construct a suitable opening repertoire
– Why does Queen & Knight cooperate better than Queen & Bishop
– Practical tips for maximising your results in Blitz & Rapid
– How to handle the Hedgehog

It sounds good how does it work?

Each member that signs up and pays the membership fee gets a personal invitation to the webinars.  If a member cannot attend the Webinar then it will be possible to review it afterwards.  ‘Go to Webinar‘ will be used and it is a well established webinar provider that ensures high quality.

What do I need to be able to attend?

You will need a good internet connection and access to a computer so that you can join and follow the webinars.  You will also need an email address to be able to receive the personal invitations and other important information.

What does it cost?

Every participant has to become a member and the membership fee is USD 50 per month.  The membership fee is paid in advance and has to be paid before the 1st of each new month.  If a member does not wish to renew his membership it has to be cancelled before the 1st of each new month.

How do I get more information?

Kindly contact FI Brian Kidula on email brian@terrianchess.com or on +254-728-149290.