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‘ChessKast’ makes it debut in Kenya


Nairobi Chess Club (NCC) is the oldest club in Kenya  having been registered on 26th February 1958.

Nairobi Chess Club in its heydays of the 1960’s and 1970’s played a key role in the development of chess in Kenya.  The governing body Kenya Chess Association (now Chess Kenya) only came into existence in 1976.

NCC was instrumental in organising the famous Pan Paper Open in the early 1990’s and organised the first internet match between ‘Kenyan Simbas‘ and the famous ‘Wageningen Chess Club‘ of Holland in 2009.  Read about it here – Internet Match.

NCC made history during the recently concluded 59th Nairobi Chess Club Championship by being the first club in Africa to use the newly  developed App by MyChessApps.com (Asim Pereira) called ‘ChessKast’.  See video demo on Video on ChessKast.

The games on board 1 and 2 were shown live only on the Kenya Chess Masala website.

Logo for the newly developed App ‘ChessKast’

Using a tablet one is able to input the games as they are being played for live transmission via the internet.  It is also possible for each player to use a tablet to input their game instead of using recording sheets.

The App has been in used in a number of events including the 2017 Commonwealth Chess Championship and numerous other Indian events.  The App has also been approved by the FIDE Commission.

Nairobi Chess Club Secretary Warren Pollock using the App to follow the game of Haruna Nsubuga (left) and Dr Victor Ngani during the recently concluded 59th Nairobi Chess Club Championship at the German School, Nairobi on 23rd September 2017.

Due to its simplicity and the fact that it runs on Android this App is expected to become extremely popular with chess organisers in the near future.