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The Thinkers


David Llada has just launched his first book ‘The Thinkers‘ which is a tribute to chess players.  The hardcover 208 page book has approximately 190 photos of famous chess players and many ordinary players as well.

This is what the publishers Quality Chess had to say about the book ‘Llada’s photographs capture the full richness and drama of the game, making this the most visually stunning book ever devoted to chess‘.

The good news is that the book also has some photos of Kenyan chess players as well.  The book which costs Euro 39.99 can be ordered from here – The Thinkers.

My estimate of shipping and duty to Kenya would come to another Euro 20.  An expensive book but well worth it for the coffee table in the sitting room.

An excerpt of this book can be downloaded here; The Thinkers – Excerpt.

David was in Kenya during the African Schools Chess Championship in Mombasa in April 2017.  You can find our more on David by visiting his website – David Llada Website.

Nahui & David Llada at the Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Centre in Nairobi.
David seems to be telling the buffalo “Let me take you to Spain where I will make you very famous!”.
David making sure his finger is not part of the meal while Nahui watches in awe!
David Llada with some of his fans Anoushka and Aman.