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GM Fabiano Caruana is out of the 2021 World Cup


GM Fabiano Caruana is out of the 2021 World Cup

GM Fabiano Caruana, has been dramatically eliminated by GM Rinat Jumabayev, of Kazakhstan in the ongoing 2021 World Cup. GM Rinat Jumabayev defeated GM Fabiano Caruana in the second game of the 3rd round after drawing the first one.


It means that GM Rinat Jumabayev has qualified for the 4th round with a near-perfect score of 1.5 points out of the two possible points.

GM Fabiano Caruana v GM Rinat Jumabayev

GM Fabiano Caruana v GM Rinat Jumabayev

The loss now means that GM Fabiano Caruana now drops from number two to number three in the live rating list.

Source: 2700chess.
Source: 2700chess.

Other results

The ongoing 2021 Chess World Cup in Sochi, Russia, seems unpredictable as we witness more surprises than expected.

GM Jorden Van Foreest, rated at 2701 of the Netherlands, is another player who has been eliminated. This was after GM Jorden Van Foreest drew his second game of the 3rd round while he had lost the first one.  GM Kacper Piorun of Poland, who eliminated GM Jorden Van Foreest has also qualified for the 4th round.

GM Yangyi Yu of China was one of the other casualties when he lost to GM Tabatabaei M Amin of Iran.

On the sad note, the Indian young star, GM Nihal Sarin, could not withstand the pressure exerted on him by GM Dmitry Andreikin of Russia and was knocked out from the tournament.

World Champion GM Magnus Carlsen

GM Magnus Carlsen has continued to dominate the tournament and is in the 4th round after winning both games against GM Aryan Tari. GM Magnus Carlsen goes into the 4th round without recording a loss or a draw after playing four classical games grabbing all four points. The question on everyone’s mind is – Who will stop him from winning his maiden World Cup? We can only wait and see as the tournament progresses.

GM Aryan Tari (left) shakes hands with World Champion GM Magnus Carlsen.
GM Aryan Tari (left) shakes hands with World Champion GM Magnus Carlsen.
 GM Magnus Carlsen v GM Aryan Tari

GM Aryan Tari v GM Magnus Carlsen

Russian stars

Other top players who have made it into the 4th round are; GM Danil Dubov, GM Sergey Karjakin and GM Alexander Grischuk (All Russian). Others include GM Pentala Harikrishna of India and GM Jan-Krzysztof Duda of Poland.

It is imperative to salute some of the players who lost their first game but showed resilience by winning their second game of round 3 and forcing the tie-breaks.

These players include GM Shakhriya Mamedyarov of Azerbaijan and GM Michal Krasenkow from Poland.

GM B Adhiban has rescued himself and beat his compatriot GM Santosh Gujrathi Vidit to level 1-1. Bravo!!!!

GM Bassem Amin

The African representative, GM Bassem Amin, has drawn the second game of the 3rd round, forcing tie-breaks against his French opponent, GM Etienne Bacrot.

Can GM Bassem continue to create new African records by qualifying to the 4th round?

The King of African Chess - GM Bassem Amin.
The King of African Chess – GM Bassem Amin.
GM Bassem Amin v GM Etienne Bacrot

GM Anish Giri

Meanwhile, the draw specialist, GM Anish Giri of Netherlands, has also been forced into the tie-breaks by his 17 year old opponent, GM Nodirbek Abdusattorov of Uzbekistan. GM Peter Svidler is another top Russian player dragged to the tie-breaks by GM Ivan Cheparinov from Bulgaria.

Is GM Anish Giri going to collect 1.5 points from his opponent for him to renew hopes of grabbing his maiden World Cup?

These questions are going to get automatic answers after the tie-breaks that take place on 20th July 2021.

The games are getting personal and full of emotions as stress, and fatigue take a toil on the competitors.

The hard way seems to be the only way available.

GM Anish Giri v Nordirbek Abdusattorov

Commentators GM Nigel Short and WGM Almira Skripchenko.
Commentators GM Nigel Short and WGM Almira Skripchenko.

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