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Aluta Continua by Mehul Gohil


Aluta Continua

by Mehul Gohil aka ‘Gorilla’

Chess wise it has been a disastrous 3.5 months for me this year. The form I had at the nationals has disappeared, I have lost rated games to all kinds of gazelles, dik-diks and oryxs, bled over a 100 Elo points to now have my lowest Elo rating ever.
But I have been inspired by the attitude of Tiger Woods. No matter what, never give up is his motto.
The hunger for chess has returned. I do not know if form will return but I will be playing in the Kenya Open with zeal, confidence and fighting spirit.
I had considered retirement as this game is indeed demanding but I felt I still have something to offer as a player. I am not going to win Kenya Open (I am not going to finish top 7 either with my current form) but the process of rebuilding and making a gradual comeback begins with the Kenya Open.
I would especially like to show the younger generation that it is possible to win big events and become champions the clean way — by the strength of chess moves only instead of resorting to corrupt ways like having your clique fix games on your behalf such that you have one or two rounds won ‘easy’ and reserve strength for the final push. I am coming back with the intention of winning tournament again down the line. Winning tournaments the clean way.
Poster for the 2022 Kenya Open.  Aluta Continua by Mehul Gohil
Poster for the 2022 Kenya Open.

About the writer

Mehul Gohil is a two times Kenya National Champion (2014 and 2019).  He has in addition represented Kenya abroad in numerous events.


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