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Reflection on GM Kenny Solomon


Reflection on GM Kenny Solomon

by Dr Lyndon Bouah

It has been quite some time since I sent some chess reflections to you. It has been heartening to see that some semblance of chess activity is slowly returning. We had some OTB chess over the last months, but the increase in Europe has been substantial. My reflection today looks at an event in Italy held in the town of Pordenone.

The tournament was divided into sections, with two grandmasters and several strong young players in the A division. GM Kenny Solomon won the event and scored 6.5/ 7.


GM Kenny Solomon sent me a great game with his notes from the event. It was played against A. Delorme (2480).  Let us have a look at the game and enjoy the game and the accompanying notes.

Solomon Kenny – Delorme A 


 A great triumph for GM Kenny Solomon. Thanks also to him for sharing this game and his notes for the broader public. We wish him well in his next events. The game was played on the day as Italy won the Euros.

About the author

Dr Lyndon Bouah is an advocate and was captain of the South African Open team during the 2018 Batumi Olympiad.  He is also one of Africa’s most prolific chess writers.