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2016 Baku Olympiad – Day 2


I was unable to get into the playing hall on Day 2 of the 2016 Baku Olympiad as I had arrived late.  That of course was depressing as I knew that there would be thousands of chess fans from Africa looking for the photos of their team players.

I still managed to get some photos of the side shows and decided to do a report for Day 2.  I guess half a loaf of bread is better than none!

Let me first give you the reason for missing the start of round 2.  I had gone to visit the offices of Azerbaijan Cartoonist Union which is located on Salatin Asgarova Street 86 AZ 1009 in Baku.  You can visit their website for more information  Azerbaijan Cartoonist Union.

The interior of the office of Mr Baryan Hajizadeh who is the President of the Azerbaijan Cartoonist Union. The office had loads of awards from all over the world.

My host Ms Afet then took me for a sumptuous lunch across the street to a restaurant called “Sizvansak muzey restoran” which translates to “Sizvansak- Museum Restaurant”.  If you want to experience time travel to the past then this is the place to have a meal.  3 floors with various dining room each with their own character from the rich and varied past of Azerbaijan which was known as the “Paris of the Caucasus”.

If you want to read more about this amazing restaurant check out Trip Advisor – Review Sizvansah.

I have however enclosed two photos to arouse your curiosity.

One of the rooms with historic items from the Soviet era.
Another rooms with items from the early century.

I was given two books which are going to be treasured for along time.

My other joy!

There was a lot of side activities during the day while the games went on.  One of the highlights was the interview of FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov.

Press conference from left Mr Sanan Shafizade, FIDE President Kirsan Ilyzumzhinov, FIDE Press Officer Anastasiya Karlovich.

An interesting point during the interview was when he mentioned 9 year old Navini Choudary Alapati of Tanzania.

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov also responded to a query from a reporter who asked if FIDE was bankrupt.  He emphasied that FIDE is not bankrupt at present unlike in 1995 when the World Championship Crown was taken away by Gary Kasparov.  He said that those were the difficult days for FIDE which have been overcome with a huge number of member federations, events and number of players.  The plan was still for “1 billion chess players”.

Later on in the day Ms Arzu Aliyeva the daughter of H.E President Ilham Aliyev  visited the venue and was taken around by President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov.  Her popularity was apparent by the huge number of reporters with their cameras following her.

Ms Arzu Aliyeva and President Kirsan Ilyzumzhinov

The Russian Chess Federation also has a stand in the exhibition hall.

Stand for the Russian Chess Federation where promotional items like key chains, pens were given out.

The Russian Chess Federation also has an exhibition displaying historic chess items.

Poster from the Russian Chess Federation exhibition. Chess tournament in Leningrad.
Another item from the Russian Chess Federation exhibition. Poster for Karpov v Korchnoi match in Moscow 1974.
One of the many chess sets from the Russian Chess Federation exhibition.

You never know who you will meet in the exhibition hall!

World Women’s Chess Champion Hou Yifan of China with some of her adoring fans.
Yours truly being mesmerised.

Despite missing the action in the Playing Hall there was still a lot of things happening in Baku!

FIDE President Kirsan Ilyzumzhinov.. 2016 Baku Olympiad
FIDE President Kirsan Ilyzumzhinov. Photo credit Kim Bhari.

If you really want to see photos of what was going on in the hall then you need to visit 2016 Baku Olympiad Day 2 Photos.

And finally one game from Day 2 with our brother Geoffrey Mwanyika (1850) of Tanzania versus Krzysztof Belzo (2044) of Jersey.

The real reason this game was chosen was that the player from Jersey has the same name as a cartoon character from Bella Kilonzo Studios, Nairobi, Kenya who publish a monthly comic magazine called “Pazuka“.  The character Belzo wears massive high heel shoes.


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