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The Beautiful Tania Sachdev Leads Me …………………………..


A few days ago while wasting time on Facebook instead of study chess I came across a post from the charming Tania Sachdev (not yet my friend on Facebook) that one of her photos were chosen as the top ten by great photographer David Ilada.

If you do not know about David I can understand.  If you play chess and do not know about Tania then I feel sad for you.  She is the gorgeous Indian chess player and here are some of her photos.

Mehul Gohil posing with Tania at the 2012 Olympiad (Photo credit Mehul Gohil)

Tania Sachdev at the 2012 Olympiad (Photo credit Mehul Gohil)

I told you she was gorgeous.

Tania – Photo by David Llada (permission given)

The site is as shown below.  I am absolutely stunned by how fantastic these photos are.  Have look for yourself.


David Llada has a new link – You really must check his site out – go to the chess photography section of – www.davidllada.com

We in Kenya really have two photographers who spend time taking photos of chess players.  One is professional photographer Paras Gudka (http://www.parasgudka.photography/) who is also crazy about chess and cricket.  Paras was founder and President of Westlands Chess Club which was set up sometime ago.

Paras Gudka with his other love (28 Nov 2010)

I unfortunately do not have any photos taken by Paras.

The other is Kim Bhari who is always seen around chess tournaments with his trusty Canon Camera.  I have enclosed some of his photos.  Nothing to compare with the great David Ilada!

Dr Nikolai in action
Action from Nairobi Chess Club League in 2010 at Goan Gymkhan
John Mukabi (“The Beast”) during the 2010 Olympiad Trial.  This photo appeared in www.chessbase.com
Event at Nairobi University in 2009

Event at Nairobi University in 2009

Dr Nikolai

I guess you now know a little more about Kenyan chess and more importantly that Tania is gorgeous and that David Llada is a great chess photographer.